The U. S of A.

I sit now in San Francisco, slowly coming to terms with my current situation. My bike is downstairs, stripped back to the head gasket but what bothers me far, FAR more is that i have just been given my computer back after it spending two days in the repair shop…

All my photos from Mexico city to now have been lost!!!

Despite some video which is far to complicated to present at this stage. I am left with the few condensed versions i uploaded earlier for this ride report.

After crossing the border in Nogales i found accommodation for the evening for about $40 US or $400 peso in the first world!!!! At the time I wasn’t really bothered to pay this. I was just super pleased to have made it this far.

Revived after my sleep, i had Coffee with Cathy a fellow inmate in Tucson the following morning before limping through to Phoenix where i met Andy and Cheryl. In the following day or two we found some sweet tyres, changed out my sprockets and chain as well as found a replacement overflow bottle for my cooling system that has long been in need.

Always busy, i missed the opportunity to catch up with others in the area but with Andy I was exposed to me to what is still quite bizarre in my book, “Biscuits and Gravy” and a cheeseburger pizza!! The hospitality shown to me during this time is something that i will be forever grateful for.

Road testing Andy’s future adventurer.

Before leaving Phoenix I was introduced by Andy to Joe, who was working late in his machine shop. He told me a story of once meeting a group of four German girls who had stopped to grab some gas for a car they had bought. Joe had seen a Malibu Barbie strapped “spread eagle” to the bonnet with her blond lucks pushed backwards from the miles she had spent sitting upright through the wind.

He asked what she was doing there, and the girls told him that they were driving across the country to take Barbie home… to Malibu… It was then he presented me with my now good friend ‘Will’, a little black figurine that rides shotgun on my handlebars as we ride across the country. He was supposed to be returned back to the “hood” in LA but once he had a taste of adventure he whispered that he is in for the long haul.

Look out Alaska!! Here comes Will & Adam!!

Will not being the best navigator, we missed our turn for the twistys to the Grand Canyon and had to settle for the interstate 17 but Will acted like he had been there before.

I was just happy to be there..

After riding through the park we made our way out and around the north rim, stopping close to dark for our sleep. The area was truly amazing!!

Do i need anything else??

The next evening I/We pulled into Vegas where I caught up with Tiernan from, we had met in Panama on his venture with Matt on their DR 400’s. They have a great ride report on ADV somewhere.

It was nice, I enjoyed an American barbecue (no shrimps, massive steaks cooked with a wood-chip flavor). I then donated my $5 to Nevada state through a machine under flickering lights. We also relaxed by the pool in desert heat. I was particularly amazed at how quickly my hair dried.

Mental note… carry more water out ‘ere.

From Vegas i headed south/west on the 15 before cutting across the country to the coast on 58. I finally hit my first twisty section after Bakersfield as the scenery changed from desert to farmland.

When i saw a sign for a state park, i turned in to look for a spot to camp for the night. It was here that i met Travis and his ‘cousin’ loading their dirt bikes up on to their trucks at the end of their day.
My thought was that these boys would have the hot tip on an A1 camp spot in the region but Travis knew better… back to his place for tacos and beer and as i trailed him in the truck for the next 30miles, for the first time in a very long time I was cold!

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