San Jose to Nicaragua (Costa Rica)

IT was finally time to leave the big smoke…

Not to forget to pick up my tools on the way out,,, then the road again…

About two hours in i discovered that the wet leg i received then a splutter of the engine was the fuel hose from my tank to carb had worked itself loose. This one, despite the mess, was a fortunate easy fix..

It was in all honesty a fast blat up the Pan American but it was indeed a beautiful section.

It became obvious that we weren’t going to make the border until dark so about 4okm south of the border we turned west into Santa Rosa National Park in the hope we could make the beach to set up camp.

The guard wasn’t at the entrance hut so we rode straight on through, somehow avoiding the normal $10 per person fee.

The road started as a nicely finished sealed sensation that is obviously a result of a few honest fares paid at the front gate. Then as we began to drop off the mountain it became a rocky dirt goats track and i realised again why i was on a KLR. With the goal to get to the beach we pushed onwards before we hit the jungle floor…. and the mud.

2up, the Pirelli MT 90´s and the end of a long day…

We were forced to set up camp on the jungle floor as a few toads and a strange mammal fled the spot we claimed as ours. Once the tent was up aka. Mosquito fortress. We cooked a typical meal of rice and tuna. While doing so, a troop of howler monkeys took their positions in the trees around us and at sunset the trees cam alive with their howls.

It was intimidating at first and then it became noticeably louder when the waft of onions drifted into the branches above. I decided it wise to join the chorus making a noise (to my ears) far louder, deeper and grater than the fellow primates in the mist. Thinking i had clearly stated my position as the dominant male of the area, my female and i went to bed.

2am….3 and 4am. Plop plop and more plops. The frikin monkeys decided to drop turds from above at out tent!!! Mark my words, this was no mistake, it occurred on different occasions and no where else to be seen. The pricks were out to get us.

I was furious while cleaning the tent…. it really stank.. I was quick to buy a slingshot a day or so latter. While washing at the service station, i couldn’t resist another cocky pose with the police car, then border… Nicaragua

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