Ometepe (Nicaragua)

Ometepe is only about half an hour from the border, its an island in the middle of a giant fresh water lake (with fresh water sharks). Made by two volcanoes that rose from the lake, i presume a while ago now but one is still active.

It was our first point of call for Nicaragua and you could see it to the east miles before we approached the turnoff. Wind generators also lined the lakes edge.

To get out there you must take a ferry. This cost $2 per person and the bike was the same charge. As always i assume the role of safety inspector as the bike is being pushed along the gang plank and being tied down for the hour long boat journey.

Once there we set up camp in the back of a hostel in the company of a potentially fantastic roast dinner…

The road system here is easy, its a giant figure of eight around the two volcanoes. About 1/5 is paved but the real fun was exploring the side trails that lead typically to the waters edge. Not just any water but fresh water!
Meaning it was easy to wash the bike after a couple of failed 2up power-slides on the beach.

We spent the next two days exploring what felt like an ancient mystical place, and camping where we saw fit. These are just a few of the photos we took…

A very happy camper as the sun rose…

Each afternoon farmers herd their herds to the beach for a drink, a strange concept in my mind.

Washing clothes with bacon.

It kinda looks like she got it stuck here…

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