The boys mess up… (Santiago)

A life in Santiago is enjoyable but there is certainly a shared feeling of anticipation towards hitting the road and rolling on with our intentions.

I have been at Spanish school daily which has allowed the others to get busy on other things. On Friday, Mike and Nick headed off on Mikes bike to a coastal town, Valparaiso, an hour away.
They appeared at my Spanish school in the morning, dressed in their riding gear, to give me the key to the flat. ‘Hasta luego,’ I said in jealousy as they headed out.

Many hours later I was horizontal in the apartment and the buzzer woke me.
‘Valparaiso is nice, isnt it?,’ Nick said. I agreed as I remembered the variety of different colored houses that lined the hills that rise up from the Pacific. I soon discovered that these two chumps had spent the hole time trying to get out of Santiago!!

FAIL!! Instead of a return trip to the coast, they had circumnavigated the city, who knows how many times….. “but we thought … and then it went” they said. “FAIL, FAIL, FAIL” is what it sounded like to me.

Not only that but the backpack they were carrying which contained their wallets, passports and all the cameras managed to fall off the bike….. Somehow, and it beats me how, a strap caught somewhere on the bike and after some hooting and honking from surrounding vehicles it was found dragging along the road.

Hmmmmm…. The two guys I will inevitably be dependent on, drove three hours on Santiago’s roads and couldn’t find a major highway out, what hope have we got!!

That night we decided to hit the town as the thought was that it would be our last weekend in Santiago.
I think it was the tequila shot in the early hours of the morning that made things a tad confusing… One block from the club and we were separated. I couldn’t find them anywhere!! The eventual conclusion was that they abandoned me and left me with my new found friends. What i didn’t think about was that the only key to our apartment was in my pocket.

Hours passed as I resolved the worlds problems on a park bench in delightful company. It wasn’t till nearly daylight when, after wondering home, i realized that i had the only key to a safe sleep.

The boys were no where to be seen, so i climbed upstairs and went to bed. Meanwhile, Mike and Nick were around the corner, spooning in a park for warmth. They had played “scissor, paper, rock” to decide on who was big or small spoon. Mike won and chose to be little spoon.

As the sun rose, the boys came back to recheck the apartment, as a failed attempt at stealing Nick’s wallet had woken him. It was no surprise that there was an element of hostility when we finally reunited.

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