In typical fashion!

The remainder of my pursuit to get to Vancouver continued in true trip fashion. I got into Anchorage and was dropped at a hostel by the guy who had picked me up roadside. I used the hostel to send an email out to Claudia briefly explaining that i would be late. I then used the shower and shaved and put some clothes on that resembled, in my eyes, a basic level of cleanliness.

I bussed to the airport pronto.

Fortunately the airlines didnt have a problem with my ID situation but explained that i would be going through extra levels of security.

Paying for the flight was the issue. All i had was some credit card details written on s scrunched up piece of paper which wasn’t accepted over the counter. (Probably a good thing)

The way around this was to use the internet at the airport to buy the tickets online or phone reservations and send the details over the phone.

The result.. My flight left at midnight to Seattle.

At 5:00 am in the morning i was on the streets of Seattle, I managed the public transport system reasonably well and got within several blocks of the Australian Consulate.

I tried to carry my heavy luggage/panniers in each arm and did so for two blocks before the burning in my arms was encroaching on all parts of my body.

To fix this i hid one pannier in the bushes and carried the other three blocks ahead to hide it and then went back for the original. I did this twice before i was out the front of the address i needed at about 6:30 am.

At 7:00 am the receptionist gave me news that just numbed me further into the the state induced by my sleep deprivation.

“The consulate has closed his office in Seattle six months ago. The nearest Australian Embassy is in San Francisco.”

Sick of all the bull shit i asked if she could call me a taxi.
I paid the taxi in Canadian dollars because its the only cash i had, poor guy didn’t have a choice or chance.

After some killer security screening i got through to San Francisco.

This time i checked my luggage into storage at San Francisco airport and a few hours later after some forms and photos. I was woken in the waiting room of the embassy by a familiar accent who issued me my new emergency travel document/passport thingy.

I missed the flight out to Vancouver that evening and the cheapest soonest option was from San Pedro airport, as hour or so train away.

I took the train and spent the night in San Pedro.

Early in the morning it was a relief to travel on my shiny new document. Canada border security still gave me the run around. To be honest, I wouldn’t expect anything else.

But i was soon in the arms of Claudia, only three days late but in time for her birthday!!

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