In the Santiago Flat

We sit in our flat in Santiago de Chile, maps sprawled across the wall, guidebooks, novels and notepads are lumped on the queen size bed in the corner. We are here because the two bikes packaged in a crate from Australia have had their arrival in South America delayed until the 18th of March. This has forced us to spend an additional two weeks hanging out in Santiago. Mike’s bike has been secured for pickup tomorrow. We pray for peace from the diesel gurgling, sound bombarding, dirty monster buses that pull up all times of the night two meters beneath our wide open windows.

We have successfully rented a flat and have a home to store and prep the bikes when they arrive (thanks Tomas and Soledad). Much thanks must also be given to Meredith from Canada who has been far more than just our language translator through these processes. Adam is at Spanish school while information and maps are being compiled by Mike and Nick for the initial ride south from Santiago.

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