In the beginning…

  • Nick and I lived together in Melbourne, Australia, both experienced travelers and bachelors at the time!!
  • My uncle had ridden a motorbike from China to Germany in the 80’s.
  • I had began research for a trip from Singapore to Russia
  • After an afternoon session at the pub (Royal Hotel, Cooks Hill) our combined dream was to conquer South America on motorbike..
  • We quickly got our good friend Mike in New Zealand on board.

In the year that followed:

  • We decided on the KLR650 motorcycle
  • After research on shipping and weather we thought to ride Chile to LA.
  • Nick’s girlfriend Rachel returned
  • Nick and I bought KLR’s in Australia
  • Mike found Vanessa
  • We began making DIY racks and panniers
  • I finished an undergraduate and began night work in a factory
  • The pressure of love mounted on the shoulders of Mike and Nick


  • I crashed Nick’s GSF250 motorbike on the way to work, this was a major threat to my trip’s finances.
  • We shipped Nick and my bikes from Australia to Valparaiso, Chile
  • Nick proposes to Rachel a week before departure!!

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