Heading south…. Part 1

  • Flat rear tire in the first 100km… Mike and Nick hadn’t seen it happen and continued riding on the toll-way. Due to the concrete island in the middle they couldn’t turn around for 20 kilometers and had to pay the toll three times to reach me. (about an hour)
  • Slow process to fix the first flat, we were only 50m ffrom a professional. We found food and some beer at a shop near the toll booth and talked our way into spending the night in a local’s backyard.
  • Nightfall day two we were frantically looking for somewhere to bed down along a dirt road we had taken.  Compassionately,  woman offered her property and we ended up staying in the barn as the the rain fell.
  • Day 3,  my front tyre was changed for something a little more off-road capable. 2 hours later I cooked a corner and ended up sliding, leg under, down the dirt road.
  • Exhaustion struck when we hit some really soft sand, I was unable to  keep the bike upright,  and didn’t have the strength to lift it when it was down.
  • Greasing the chains were forgotten to be regularly oiled resulting in them being destroyed in the dust at an alarming rate.
  • Taking  a side road into a park  my frame bolts broke forcing us to tie the bike together and return to civilization and watch a backyard mechanic brutalize the repair.
  • We were learning -  always fixing, forever chasing a welder,  and I seemed to keep throwing myself off and riding way too fast.

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