Guatemala (Lake Atitlan to Tikal)

Following the mornings events with the bandits the rest of the day was great riding. Our route went from San Pablo by the lake, north to Huehuetenango then east to somewhere near Cunen where we left the main road.

We were told that the road we were on was a dead end that finished at a Finca (Big Property) but once there we managed to get through to Uspantan on a really rough mountain pass. The bike was lifted into a hotel lobby and we paid a grand total of a $1.50 for a bed than night.

Here are some shots from the road that day. I highly recommend the sealed road to all, the trails did get rough at times but we were a novelty.


Very frequent and it got much worse.

We bought water at this tienda, when I pulled up they all stopped playing and ran and hid in the small hut at the back, there were no adults to be seen anywhere. Eventually I got them to come out to sell me some water but they couldn’t fathom why I didn’t want Coca cola. The one second from the left is the boss, she cant be more than six years old.

The following morning the dirt track from Uspantan to Copan was great….
But somewhere here was where my rear suspension said enough is enough and again spat its oil out over the countryside.

Its like a fairy tale as we bounced our way through..

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