Leaving Panama

Claudia and I have been working in Mamallena Hostel in Panama City, living in the store room, fixing my bike and waiting for Alaska to begin to warm…

Sometimes we had visitors…

Despite my suspension issue continuing to plague us, we decided to leave regardless and address the situation in San Jose, Costa Rica.. So we bounced our way to the border … Good bye Panama… Home for over 120 days!!!!

Costa Rica – The Visa Run

It was not the first time we crossed to Costa Rica. Panama only allows 90 days on the tourist visa so to allow us to stay longer we did the infamous “Visa run”, bouncing our way there and back with the compulsory three day stay/camp before renewal. We arrived in the late afternoon and turned directly to the mountains (towards Agua Buena) in an attempt to escape the heat and humidity. Just before dark we found a half completed house… the perfect spot to pitch a tent with the rain closing in.

This was an example of my not lost primitive intelligence… Its a banana leaf that catches the rain water off the roof and funnels it through a hole to fill our food bowels which intern are used to fill the bottles and bathe!!!

The following day (well hydrated) we rode to San Vito. I stopped in the middle of town and assumed a regular position slouched against the adjacent shop wall from my bike. Claudia ducked inside to grab some supplies. As i watched the street, Bobby, an ex-pat Canadian appeared and within an instant, the common bond of the love for two wheels was formed. Soon i knew exactly where to get another key cut for my KLR, then after sharing a few more details he kindly offered to take us back to his place where he said we could camp anywhere we thought comfortable. An offer way to good to refuse and we were back on his hill top property, after an inside recommendation, the tent was pitched outside his bar!!

The two nights with Bobby and Maria his wife were great, visiting the local mechanic for more shock advice and relaxing in a well needed break from the city. Goodbyes were then had and a promise to post his bike up on Craigslist in an attempt to sell it. Then we were off for our new passes to Panama.
Pm if interested… i have his number somewhere $6000 Agua Buena