• Nick left Melbourne in the final month’s to live with Rachel in Byron Bay, I began couch surfing amongst friends with my dog Rapper.
  • On the evening of my departure, the friends I was staying with had their first baby. By the time they returned home from hospital, I had already left.
  • In my final week in Australia, the surrounding area of Melbourne was decimated by bushfire and many lives were lost.. The landscape was black and smoldering as I drove north with my belongings to my parents.

In the beginning…

  • Nick and I lived together in Melbourne, Australia, both experienced travelers and bachelors at the time!!
  • My uncle had ridden a motorbike from China to Germany in the 80’s.
  • I had began research for a trip from Singapore to Russia
  • After an afternoon session at the pub (Royal Hotel, Cooks Hill) our combined dream was to conquer South America on motorbike..
  • We quickly got our good friend Mike in New Zealand on board.

In the year that followed:

  • We decided on the KLR650 motorcycle
  • After research on shipping and weather we thought to ride Chile to LA.
  • Nick’s girlfriend Rachel returned
  • Nick and I bought KLR’s in Australia
  • Mike found Vanessa
  • We began making DIY racks and panniers
  • I finished an undergraduate and began night work in a factory
  • The pressure of love mounted on the shoulders of Mike and Nick


  • I crashed Nick’s GSF250 motorbike on the way to work, this was a major threat to my trip’s finances.
  • We shipped Nick and my bikes from Australia to Valparaiso, Chile
  • Nick proposes to Rachel a week before departure!!

Who are we?

Adam Broadbent
Tamworth, Australia

Adam finished an undergraduate degree in Melbourne in Australia. He is perhaps the more flexible of the three with no set time-line and has a perceived lack of consideration for his well being.

Confidence, a strong sense of direction and an inherent ability to survive with stubbornness.

Nicholas Edward Ison
Thames, New Zealand

Nick proposed to his long term girlfriend Rachel just prior to his departure to South America. He brings a thorough perspective to the group with a concern for the natural environment and an articulate tongue.

Well trained in martial arts and outdoor survival he moves with an aura that is often welcomed by strangers.

Michael Stevens
Tauranga, New Zealand

Mike is the engineer of the group, he temporarily left his girlfriend and respected job where he controlled part, probably all of the electricity in New Zealand. He is the more passive of the three but not without an opinion.

A long way from the office, he brings a spike in measurable intelligence and an intricate understanding of how many things work. His mediating abilities are crucial in maintaining the team balance.