Buenos Aires

We reached Buenos Aires in five days from when we left Punta Natales. The same distance on the globe from Santiago in Chile down took over a month.

A friend of mine from school, Nicko Marlor, lives in Buenos Aires with his family. And in the days that followed, Nicko, Helen and Mark took us in and revived us. We hadn’t showered in days and Mark was a motorcycle man so we managed to bring the bikes up to speed as well. Red wine, red meat, a bed to sleep in and the Marlor’s hospitality leaves a lasting impression with all of us.

Without this revival, I doubt the stamina could have been maintained. Rifts in our group dynamics were already taking place. Mainly between Nick and I. I would typically carry the map and I have a strong sense of faith in my direction, combined with an assertive personality, rarely giving anyone else a say.

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