7 thoughts on “Santiago, Chile…”

  1. Excellent beans. Brings back some good memories. Amazing to think how much we learned en-route….. such as how to change a tyre!! Makes me miss my KLR….. hmmm. I saw one up for grabs here in the UK a few days ago – 05 with full kit. Maybe I’ll buy one, strip it down and rebuild it for old times sake ; )

  2. Beano, very, very good… love the small details such as the reverse clip while the dude was juggling and the way you included the music and humour… This is like an extended advertisement for your future documentary… Should see if you can compress it to a 3 minute version for maybe TV production so it sells easier but well done, proud of you brother!

  3. Awesome guys, looked like the start of an amazing trip totally envious. Looking forward to the next installment Ads

  4. looking good… boost the audio if you can without getting too much distortion. can’t wait to see some more!

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