Bike Down (Mike)

There is nothing like a broken motorcycle to spice things up. It has finally happened; my bike has let the team down and has done so in a dramatic fashion. The balancer chain tensioning mechanism (that’s right lawyers this is geek territory) has failed and the chain has ripped all the teeth off one sprocket. No wonder my bike felt like a road workers jackhammer as I limped it to Puerto Natalies for 5 hours at 50 km/h. Due to our progress recently we are almost at the southernmost point in Chile and hence South America. After contacting the adventure motorcycling guru in Buenos Aires and explaining my predicament he informed me that this was indeed the worst problem one could have. His exact words were Oh no, your fu&%ed mate.

If I were on my own I think I may have given up then and there, however I have two mates so eager to do this trip that I feel like I cant let them down. So after hours on the net and more hours on the phone, I tracked down the parts in the USA. The good news, the 2nd hand parts are only US$190, the not so good news, FedEx would like US$268 to get those said parts to me. My hands were a little shaky as I read out my credit card details, a thousand Kiwi dollars, thats like a month of living over here. Apart from the minor detail of my bike the last few weeks have been great. Great riding conditions, amazing scenery and friendly people have become the norm around here. For details of the riding see Nicks post as my engineering writing is about as exciting to read as a 300 level calc exam.

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  1. At one point in the 50km per hour crawl, the boys decided that the wanted to pull over and camp so we could cook with light.

    I refused, and couldn’t see any point in stopping when we were weeks behind scheduel, we still had light and were in desperate need of a mechanic 300km away.

    I decided to keep riding and force them to follow. We ended up riding into the night, the more kilometers we rode the angrier the others got at my decision not to consider their opinions.

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