AK Hurray!!

An hour further north from the Arctic Rim is the last town before the final stretch. Its name is Cold Foot but if i had my way, i would have renamed it Cold Feet when i rolled into town.

I ordered a BLT and fries at the restaurant and it was a large helping thankfully. Unfortunately it was about 4pm in the afternoon by the time i had finished. The waitress asked me if i planned to keep going. I couldn’t fathom stopping so close to the finish. She said that there had been reports of snow up in the pass. I cringed at the thought but began to get ready.

Its a 240mile/400km stretch, my fuel range is 200km so i had already two extra gallons strapped on the back. My newest calculations left me short of Deadhorse with what i had. So i asked the waitress if anyone had left any fuel containers. She asked me if milk bottles would be good enough and went looking….

She returned five minutes later with a two gallon fuel container!! Her boss wanted $20 for it but i said id return it on the way back with one of my other containers. The deal was good enough so I fueled up and left.

It was raining and muddy…. The waitress asked if i was continuing to Deadhorse and was puzzled that i said yes..

The new aggressive off road tyre on the back was the hero, it saved my ass on occasions and helped in maintaining a decent speed. It was the first time i had ridden these surfaces with a knobbly tyre…. what was i previously thinking??

When i went through the pass there was no snow but rain drops like shards of ice!! The streams were frozen and ice scattered everywhere. It was then that my hands and feet were at there worst and it was only part of the way, i was questioning what lay ahead!!

But not even the arctic circle could keep the miserable weather up for 400km.

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