Bridging Gaps Adventure Motorcycling

An incredable story the full length of the globe


This is a story of a motorcycle venture the full length of the world.. It began in South America and finished in Alaska a year and a half later.

Pictures video’s and snippets will be pieced together in the coming months. If something needs clarifying or elaborating…. your comments are much appreciated.

Significant Events:

  • Balaclava bandits pointing pistols at my forehead.
  • The meeting of my now wife, Claudia.
  • Entering the USA illegally on a raft built from driftwood and barrels.
  • Crossing the Darien Gap from South to Central America by powering a boat with our motorcycles.
  • Monkeys strike back throwing poo from the tree tops.
  • Political unrest, police corruption, roadblocks, breakdowns and fatal floods.
  • Where would I be without the friendly help encountered the full length of the globe…

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